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I am a parent of children with disabilities.  About 17 years ago, I was unable to identify a law firm that could appropriately represent my eldest daughter with the integrity and diligence I knew she deserved. Armed with my own legal background as an assistant district attorney and litigator in private firms, I immersed myself into the field of special education law and opened my own law practice, with the philosophy and ideals that I knew were critical to be successful in the field of special education law. 


I am you:  The parent who feels misunderstood or not heard by his/her school district; the parent who is overwhelmed by confusing volumes of documents; and the parent who is unsure about how to make sense of this process. I am personally invested in helping you navigate "the system," decode and understand the paperwork and relevant law, and put the pieces together, so you feel organized and empowered as we advocate to support your child's needs.


With over 25 years of experience as a lawyer, I bring to my practice as a special education attorney a lifetime of compassion and practical experience.​ After years of advocacy on her behalf, I am pleased to report that my eldest child, who was classified through middle school, and had a 504 plan in high school, just made Dean's List as a freshman in college at one of the top theatre performance programs in the Country. I credit my success in the field of special education law with being a relentless advocate for my clients, while respecting the importance of working with a student's school district and keeping an open mind when exploring all potential options. I comprise a unique but essential combination of resilience and collaboration, in order to successfully represent my clients.