“Thanks!  Your name should be in lights!”

“True…so few…words-only two – But the message they relate is really very great!  Full of emotion and tons of appreciation for working so hard!  Thank you, Thank you from the depth of my heart!  Simple words are insufficient to express my sincere gratitude to you!  I will remember you FOREVER!”

[following negotiating full payment of full tuition to a private school of parents’ choice, without litigation]

"I've hired and retained attorneys in Rockland, Westchester and even several of the expensive NYC special Ed attorneys and NONE of them have combed through my son's records like Mrs. Phelan has or even understood what my child needed. Mrs. Phelan has a heart of gold an try understands and works for your child. Being a parent of a special needs child is hard enough. Fighting with a school district to appropriately educate your child makes life all the more difficult. Having an attorney like Mrs. Phelan on your side helps yu understand and navigate the system. Love her!!!

[current client; parent of student seeking increased services for child with multiple disabilities]

"We had Patti Phelan in our office for an in-service. The information she provided was so informative and helpful, the service coordinators stated that they will have a much easier time advocating for their families at cse meeting and will have the knowledge to navigate the school system. Her training was fun, interesting and informative! I would definitely recommend all service coordinators that work with families that have special needs children to take her training."

[following in-service training of service coordinators at an Orange County family service Organization]

"Words cannot do justice to how much we appreciate everything you've done for us!! Your patience is limitless...." [during the ongoing representation of two siblings]

“Thanks so much for all your help this year.  You are one in a line of very special and talented people that has made a substantial impact on [my child’s] life.”

[following attending CSE meeting and securing increased services for Client]

"Patricia thank you again...It was a pleasure having you represent us...."

[parent of student represented at disciplinary hearing resulting in satisfactory settlement] 

 “Thank you so much for everything.  Julie and you did an awesome job.  I am so happy!!!...My parents share my gratitude and think you both did a great job.”

[following winning after a due process hearing]

 “Thank you for representing my son so well today.  The reports from both of you really made the difference in our overall success.  It was great to work with people who really cares about my son and his needs.  If you ever need someone to give a reference for your services – just let me know – I would love to.  I know the war is not over yet but today we won a battle.  We made a great team.”

[to a Psychologist and I after collaborating with the Client including attending an IEP meeting]

 “…Your hard work and diligence has succeeded in giving __ the best possible chance of rehabilitation.  Our family will forever be in awe of the job you did on this case; we will never forget your kindness & your generosity – From the bottom of my heart…THANK YOU!!”

[following securing full tuition for an out of state, residential facility for a client]

"...Thank you again for your time and if I have anyone in need of an education attorney, your name will be the one that rolls from my tongue...."

“I wish that I could write some profound words to express all the gratitude [we] feel for you.  But it is hard to put it into words.  I want you to know that what you did to help our family in its darkest hour was the kindest thing I have ever seen.  I want to thank you for all your time and travels and the time your family allowed you to be away from them to help us.  You were like an angel to our family an answer to our prayers.  I hope someday we have the chance to help someone like you have helped us.  You will be forever in our hearts and thoughts.  Someday when we look back at this, your selflessness will be the one bright part.  We are truly honored to know you.”

[following securing full tuition for an out of state, residential facility for a client]

 “Thank you so much for all of this information and contacts.  It feels

great to have somewhere to start.  Up to this point it felt as if one

wall after another  was blocking  me.  You're a Saint! (I suspect you may have heard this before : )  )”

[following providing referrals to a parent who contacted my office]

"You have now been recommended by enough Nyackers that I can't help but be in touch..."

[from Parent interested in an Initial Consultation]

 “Thanks again for doing this, I am still getting positive feedback from the attendees.  Your tips and pointers were very mom-friendly and realistic to implement.”

[following a workshop I presented on advocating for your child with special needs]


“Thank you! We simply cannot thank you enough or your support and fundraising efforts…. We could not have achieved a successful walk without you!  With deepest gratitude….”

[2013 Walk Manager, GHV & Westchester/Fairfield Counties]


"Walk Chair and Team Leader, Patricia Phelan, is an expert in fundraising events, hosting many throughout the Walk seasons!  No wonder they are always one of the top teams!  Pati reaches out to a network of friends, family and commuity contacts to encourage them to participate in events like a ladies night wine tastine or a springtime baseball clinic for kids in the area!" [Autism Speaks, Website]


“After the great stuff you've done this year to get us past goal before walk day you are a golden goddess of a best friend!”

[Senior Director, Field Development, 2014 Greater Hudson Valley Walk]


“I couldn’t let another minute go by without reaching out and saying THANK YOU!...Congratulations to you and THANK YOU so very much! How exciting to be headed into walk day well OVER your goal for the year! I’m so very happy for you! I can’t wait to hear how well tomorrow goes! Have a wonderful day and thanks for all that you do to support Autism Speaks!”

[National Walk Director, 2014]


"You have give us a great gift.  As Walk Chair of the Greater Hudson Valley, your leadership and incresible ability to pull people together and raise funds well above your goal is second to none.  The $189K you raised will help us do incredible things for our loved ones.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts....We are so deeply grateful for your wonderful support + leadership! Much Congratulations 189K Wow:  More Wow!"

[Co-Founders, Autism Speaks, 1/2015]




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